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 “Impextransservis” Ltd. is located in St. Petersburg and has a positive experience with the transportation and customs clearance of equipment.

We offer various options for equipment delivery, namely by auto roads, by railways or deliver by sea through the ports of Russia and/or the Baltic States.  In addition, we carry out the customs clearance in any region of Russia in the shortest times.

We’ll be happy if you are interested in information about our company, and are always ready to help you with any transportation and logistics issues.

Road Transportation of Cargo

Individual approach to the customer and the carrier, ensuring coordination of all participants in the transportation process.

Marine Transportation of Cargo

Thanks to years of experience and high professionalism we have built partnerships with major companies.  We develop the shortest cargo routes for each of our customers.

Marine Transportation of Cargo: Main Abbreviations

Main abbreviations are using in commercial practice for transportation between seaports:

FIOS (Free In/Out)— loading/unloading at the expense of the consignor (shipper)

FIFO (Free In/Free Out) — loading/unloading at the expense of the charterer

FILO (Free In/Liner Out) — loading by the shipper, unloading - at the expense of the ship-owner

LIFO (Liner In/Free Out)— loading by the ship-owner, unloading due to the consignor

LILO (Liner In/Liner Out) — loading and unloading at the expense of the ship-owner

Freight rate may also include various allowances, depending on the shipping line or established norms:

CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor) - included in the cost of transportation to compensate for exchange rate fluctuations

BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor) (fee for refuelling the vessel ) - the changing part of the shipment costs that depends on oil prices

berthing due – port charges

CUC (chassis using charge) - fee for using chassis

fee for processing documents - fee for processing documents

Depending on the specialization of the shipping line, the container can be delivered to a container yard located at the nearest port or inland areas.  It can also be delivered to the customer, "right to his office".  If such is the case, the following additional terms will be used:

FICY (Free In/Container Yard) - loading by the shipper and delivery to  the container warehouse

LI-Door (Liner In/Door) - loading at the expense of the ship-owner, delivery to the "office" of the customer

As a rule, if a shipping line has Door-Door delivery of containers such containers are often staffed properly.