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Completed projects

“Impekstransservis” delivers goods in internationally by road and sea transport, carries out handling, storage, customs clearance.  The main countries of the service are the countries of Western Europe and Scandinavia.  Our customers include most of the enterprises in timber and woodworking of Sveza Industry Group.




 - Shipment and import clearance of equipment manufactured by Raute OY of Sveza Group (95 trucks).

 - Delivery of cargo from Japan (manufacturer - Hashimoto) and Germany (production of Grenzebach Mashtech) with customs clearance at St. Petersburg customs authority.

 - More than 50 transportations of goods were organized for United Panell Group from Spain, USA and Germany.  20% of all these shipments were multimodal, involving several modes of transport.




- The delivery of equipment for Anzhero-Sudzhensk Plywood Mill (Kemerovo Region). Main oversized equipment “thermo-pot” was delivered from Turkey and Brazil on Flatracks and containers to Russia and by road to the Consignee in Anzhero-Sudzhensk.  Furthermore, the equipment has been delivered in standard semitrailers from Finland and Germany. The total number of involved vehicles was 187.

 - Shipping and customs clearance of out-of-gauge and heavy equipment manufactured by “Metso Minerals” for mining and processing complex in Karelia.  Delivery was carried out by sea, road and rail transport.




- Delivery of equipment manufactured by “Raute OY”, “Hashimoto”, “Dieffenbacher GmbH” and “Steinmann GmbH” for “Sveza” Group.

- Shipping and customs clearance of several production lines of equipment from Japan and China, through the Finnish port of Kotka to St. Petersburg for the clearance and then further to Serpukhov.  About 40% of cargo was out-of-gauge equipment.  Customs clearance of several lines was carried out along with obtaining a classification decision in Federal Customs Service.  Another part of the cargo has been issued without it.

- Customs clearance of all cargo of this shipment was made with duty 0%.




- Shipping and customs clearance of equipment manufactured by “Raute OY” for renovation of “Bratsk Plywood Mill”. The total number of  trucks transporting these goods was 148. 25 of them transported out of gauage equipment. Customs clearance was held at the St. Petersburg Customs. Also for this plant we have delivered two Bersey’s thermo oil plants from Istanbul (Turkey), the total number of vehicles were 21, 6 of them with out of gauge cargo. Transportation was carried by sea to the port of St. Petersburg, where customs clearance was made and trucks further delivered cargo to Bratsk.

- Shipping and customs clearance of the rig, the total weight of 438 tons from Rotterdam to Khabarovsk Region (Zeya Town).  Delivery was carried out through the port of Vladivostok, where customs clearance was carried out.




- Delivery of diesel generator set manufactured by  MTU (Germany) for State Corporation “Rosatom”.  Transportation was carried out through the ports of Antwerp (Belgium) and St. Petersburg (Russia).  A special vacuum packaging was used to send out-of-gauge cargo by sea, for the rest of the cargo containers were purchased. Customs clearance was carried out at the Baltic Customs at the port of St. Petersburg.

- Shipping and customs clearance of equipment for the saw line from Sweden, Germany and Estonia to Vologda Region.  There were 75 trucks involved, 5 of them transported out of gauge cargo. For customs clearance, we received classification decision at FCS, resulting import customs duty was 0%.

- Delivery of two gas turbines for energy company in the UK.  12 out of gauge cargos, some ADR-goods, parts of cargo required special temperature conditions. Weight of the whole complex was 136 tons. Transportation was carried out by the sea, road, air and rail transport.  It should be noted that the task of sending out was carried out in a very short period of time, it was launched in early December and in the second half of the month the entire cargo was loaded on rail transport in St. Petersburg and sent to the recipient.

 - Shipping and customs clearance of 8 steam generators from Israel to St. Petersburg.

- For plywood mill in St. Petersburg we delivered and customs cleared equipment for “peeling line”, “cutting line”, “stacking line” and debarker produced by Raute OY.




- Shipping and customs clearance of thermal oil plant produced by Bersey (Turkey) for SVEZA Group.  Customs clearance of goods was carried out using the import duty of 0%.

- We delivered and carried out the customs clearance of equipment for “drying line” produced by Raute OY from Finland.  The cargo was delivered in 34 semitrailers, import customs duty rate was 0%. From January to March 2013 we carried out shipping and customs clearance of equipment sawing line from Sweden and Germany to the city of Perm. Shipping was carried out with the involvement of 53 semitrailers. For customs clearance we received classification decisions at FCS, import customs duty was 0%.